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How to Create FREE Facebook Cover Videos in Adobe Spark

How to Create FREE Facebook Cover Videos in Adobe Spark

Set your business apart with FREE Facebook cover videos created in Adobe Spark! Although businesses have been able to create cover videos since 2017, relatively few businesses have implemented this powerful marketing tool.

How to Create FREE Facebook Cover Videos

I use this process all the time to create Facebook cover videos for Low Income Relief. Collectively, our cover photos have been viewed for over 150+ hours in the last six months. Given the fact that Low Income Relief is just two years old, that’s actually quite impressive.

Step One: Create a storyboard. 

You’ll be able to work much faster if you start by developing a storyboard. The storyboard should include what each slide or segment will say and show.

Log in to Adobe Spark and name your project. After that, you can choose a story template that includes a storyboard outline. Adobe Spark’s existing storyboards include:

  • Promote an Idea
  • Tell What Happened
  • A Hero’s Journey
  • Show and Tell
  • Personal Growth
  • Teach a Lesson
  • Invitation

Choose one that fits your brand. For cover photos, I prefer Promote an Idea and Tell What Happened. Focus on a video that explains the purpose of your blog, the event that led you to create the blog or what readers can expect to gain from following you. You can also develop a video that promotes a special post.

Here’s an example of one of my favorite storyboard examples. This cover photo was on our page during December 2017.

 Step Two: Find free stock videos. (Optional)

Go to Pixabay’s video search page. Use your storyboard to determine what videos you should search for. Sometimes you have to be a little creative with your keywords on Pixabay so don’t panic if you have to try several phrases before you find what you’re looking for.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? As the Christmas video above illustrates, you don’t need videos to make a powerful video on Adobe Stock. You can skip this step and move right into creating your video with photos, icons and text.

Step Three: Design the scenes for your FREE Facebook cover videos. 

When you select your storyboard, the Adobe Spark system will load a helpful introductory video and a a series of slides. Watch the video so you know how to use the system.

When you choose the Promote an Idea storyboard, your slides will include the following prompts:

  • Setting
  • Problem
  • What could be
  • Solution or idea
  • Reward
  • How you can help
  • Credits
  • Outro

Simply fill in the blanks with your text, icons, photos and videos! If you need photos, you can search Pixabay and other free stock photography sites just by select Add, Photo, and then Find Free Photos.

Customize your presentation with preset themes and music. If you upgrade to a subscription, you can also include a logo and other branding features! I love my Adobe Spark subscription!


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