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4 Stunning Free Stock Photo Sources

4 Stunning Free Stock Photo Sources

If you’re looking for free stock photos, you’re in luck! Finding free stock images for your blog posts isn’t as expensive or difficult as you think it might be. Even if you’re a proficient photographer, you will likely encounter a day when you need an image that you just don’t have handy. Fortunately, the tools you need are right at your fingertips!.

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I love Pixabay. This website offers stunning free stock images on just about any subject imaginable. One of my favorite things about Pixabay’s free images is that it’s all offered under a Creative Commons CC0 license. You can use these images for almost any purpose without paying for them or attributing the creator. You can download them, modify them, and publish them on your website, social media and even in print!

There are a few exceptions, of course. You can’t use the images to suggest that the people or agencies in the photos endorse certain products. You also can’t use photos of identifiable people in ways they may find offensive unless they give their consent.


Pexels is another source for free stock photos and videos. Their directory allows you to create custom collections, which is a great way to sort and organize the photos you want to use.

Pexels has a few rules for their stock photos. You can’t show identifiable people in a way that is offensive. You can’t sell unaltered copies of a photo and you can’t imply endorsement by the people in the photos.


UnSplash markets itself as “the Internet’s source of freely-usable images.” They have a wide variety of high-resolution images that you can use in your marketing.

The videos are all covered by the Unsplash license, which means that all photos can be downloaded and used for free for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, photos cannot be sold without significant modification and you can’t use Unsplash images to create an Unsplash competitor.


Canva is one of my very favorite graphic design tools. I highly recommend their service to everyone! When designing graphics on Canva, you also have access to their huge photo library. Some of them are free and others have a cost, but the selection is enormous especially if you subscribe to Canva Pro!

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