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What is WordPress (& 3 Reasons it’s the Best)

What is WordPress (& 3 Reasons it’s the Best)

What is WordPress? It’s simply the best platform for blogs and websites, of course! When you’re starting a new website, you have a lot of options but none of the others are as versatile and easy to use as WordPress is.

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source website creation tool (also called a Content Mangement System or CMS).

It’s easy to use and easy to customize. Disney, BBC AmericaSony, TechCrunch, and even Beyonce use WordPress. In fact, it’s estimated that WordPress powers up to 25% of all websites on the Internet!

Why should I use WordPress?

Here are three reasons you should absolutely use WordPress.

1. WordPress is easy to customize. 

There are thousands of free WordPress themes and free WordPress plugins that can help you customize the look and functionality of your website. If the free stuff doesn’t interest you, there are thousands of companies developing premium themes and plugins for an extra cost!

Themes are what dictate the layout of your website. The theme is just a template that provides an overlay for the WordPress software. It doesn’t modify or overwrite the essential WordPress functionality at all. You can change themes as often as you want without messing up your existing work.

Plugins introduce new functionality to WordPress. You can use Plugins to improve your SEO, track page visits, create email subscriptions, insert related posts and more.

With the right theme and plugins, you can turn your WordPress website into basically whatever you want. Here are some popular options:

  • Information service (blog)
  • Portfolio (photo gallery)
  • eCommerce (online store)
  • Review website
  • Survey website
  • Classified ads website
  • Membership site

You can get WordPress to do pretty much whatever you want. If you can’t figure it out or find it, you can always hire someone to modify or develop the PHP code for you.

2. WordPress is SEO-friendly. 

WordPress is built using high-quality, complaint code with semantic web markups. This makes it very attractive for search engines, including Google.

Design mistakes and coding errors can obliterate your search engine optimization. You can do everything else right and still suffer due to blemishes in the code that you can’t even see.

3. WordPress is easy to use and has great support. 

The interface is stunningly easy to use. Everything you need in the interface is intuitively organized. When you can’t figure something out, it’s easy to get help! There are thousands of WordPress tutorials available (including this one) and a large, active support forum.

And if you need a fourth reason…

If you’re here because you’re following along with my step-by-step guide on how to blog for a living, you’ll want to set up WordPress. It’s the only platform I work with and I can’t advise you if you’re working with anything else!

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