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Yoast SEO Transition Words {Complete List!}

Yoast SEO Transition Words {Complete List!}

Yoast SEO uses transition words as a critical component of their readability scores. As of this writing, it is recommended that at least 30 percent of your sentences include a transition word or phrase. Why are transition words important? Well, as Yoast SEO says, “readability ranks.”

This can be frustrating, of course, when you don’t know exactly what transition words Yoast SEO is looking for. Instead of trying to come up with your own, I’ve found the exact list of transition words that the Yoast SEO plugin looks for when it is grading the readability of your posts.

Be sure to use these words as naturally as possible within the copy. The purpose of these words is to help your text flow smoothly and logically for the reader. If you’re including the words just to please the Yoast SEO bot, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. You’ll end up with damaged content that doesn’t perform nearly as well. Remember the purpose: to make your post easier for your readers (and the Internet bots) to understand.

Yoast SEO uses three types of transition words to grade your copy: two-part transition words, single words, and phrases.

the complete list of Yoast SEO transition words

Yoast SEO looks for both parts of two-part transition words when grading your readability.

Two-part transition words require both words to be in the sentence. However, these words are often spaced apart by other words and phrases. That’s exactly why they’re called two-part transition words!

These pairs constitute two-part transition words used by Yoast SEO.

  • both… and
  • if… then
  • not only… but also
  • neither… nor
  • whether… or
  • no sooner… than

A few examples of sentences using these two-part transition words include:

  • Both food stamps recipients and Medicaid recipients qualify for these programs.
  • Neither stealing nor murder is acceptable behaviors.
  • Whether you are happy or sad is completely up to you!

The easiest Yoast SEO transition words are single words.

Each of these single words will count as a transition word by the Yoast SEO system.

  • Accordingly
  • Additionally
  • Afterward
  • Afterwards
  • Albeit
  • Also
  • Although
  • Altogether
  • Another
  • Basically
  • Because
  • Before
  • Besides
  • But
  • Certainly
  • Chiefly
  • Comparatively
  • Concurrently
  • Consequently
  • Contrarily
  • Conversely
  • Correspondingly
  • Despite
  • Doubtedly
  • During
  • e.g.
  • Earlier
  • Emphatically
  • Equally
  • Especially
  • Eventually
  • Evidently
  • Explicitly
  • Finally
  • Firstly
  • Following
  • Formerly
  • Forthwith
  • Fourthly
  • Further
  • Furthermore
  • Generally
  • Hence
  • Henceforth
  • However
  • I.e.
  • Identically
  • Indeed
  • Instead
  • Last
  • Lastly
  • Later
  • Lest
  • Likewise
  • Markedly
  • Meanwhile
  • Moreover
  • Nevertheless
  • Nonetheless
  • Nor
  • Notwithstanding
  • Obviously
  • Occasionally
  • Otherwise
  • Once
  • Overall
  • Particularly
  • Presently
  • Previously
  • Rather
  • Regardless
  • Secondly
  • Shortly
  • Significantly
  • Similarly
  • Simultaneously
  • Since
  • So
  • Soon
  • Specifically
  • Still
  • Straightaway
  • Subsequently
  • Surely
  • Surprisingly
  • Than
  • Then
  • Thereafter
  • Therefore
  • Thereupon
  • Thirdly
  • Through
  • Thus
  • Till
  • Undeniably
  • Undoubtedly
  • Unless
  • Unlike
  • Unquestionably
  • Until
  • When
  • Whenever
  • Whereas
  • While

Yoast SEO also considers these phrases to be transition words.

There are many phrases of transition words that Yoast SEO will consider when rating the readability of your content. These phrases must be written exactly as listed here, except for capitalization. If you insert words between the words in these phrases, they will no longer count as a transitional phrase.

  • Above all
  • After all
  • After that
  • All in all
  • All of a sudden
  • All things considered
  • Analogous to
  • Although this may be true
  • Another key point
  • As a matter of fact
  • As a result
  • As an illustration
  • As can be seen
  • As has been noted
  • As I have noted
  • As I have said
  • As I have shown
  • As long as
  • As much as
  • As shown above
  • As soon as
  • As well as
  • At any rate
  • At first
  • At last
  • At least
  • At length
  • At the present time
  • At the same time
  • At this instant
  • At this point
  • At this time
  • Balanced against
  • Being that
  • By all means
  • By and large
  • By comparison
  • By the same token
  • By the time
  • Compared to
  • Be that as it may
  • Coupled with
  • Different from
  • Due to
  • Equally important
  • Even if
  • Even more
  • Even so
  • Even though
  • First thing to remember
  • For example
  • For fear that
  • For instance
  • For one thing
  • For that reason
  • For The most part
  • For the purpose of
  • For the same reason
  • For this purpose
  • For this reason
  • From time to time
  • Given that
  • Given these points
  • Important to realize
  • Once in a while
  • In a word
  • In addition
  • In another case
  • In any case
  • In any event
  • In brief
  • In case
  • In conclusion
  • In contrast
  • In detail
  • In due time
  • In effect
  • In either case
  • In essence
  • In fact
  • In general
  • In light of
  • In like fashion
  • In like manner
  • In order that
  • In order to
  • In other words
  • In particular
  • In reality
  • In short
  • In a similar fashion
  • In spite of
  • In sum
  • In summary
  • In that case
  • In the event that
  • In the final analysis
  • In the first place
  • In the fourth place
  • In the hope that
  • In light of
  • In the long run
  • In the meantime
  • In the same fashion
  • In the same way
  • In the second place
  • In the third place
  • In this case
  • In this situation
  • In time
  • In truth
  • In view of
  • Most compelling evidence
  • Most important
  • Must be remembered
  • Not to mention
  • Now that
  • Of course
  • On account of
  • On balance
  • On condition that
  • On one hand
  • On the condition that
  • On the contrary
  • On The negative side
  • On the other hand
  • On the positive side
  • On the whole
  • On this occasion
  • Only if
  • Owing to
  • Point often overlooked
  • Prior to
  • Provided that
  • Seeing that
  • So as to
  • So far
  • So long as
  • So that
  • Sooner or later
  • Such as
  • Summing up
  • Take the case of
  • That is
  • That is to say
  • Then again
  • This time
  • To be sure
  • To begin with
  • To clarify
  • To conclude
  • To demonstrate
  • To emphasize
  • To enumerate
  • To explain
  • To illustrate
  • To list
  • To point out
  • To put it another way
  • Toi put it differently
  • To repeat
  • To rephrase it
  • To say nothing of
  • To sum up
  • To summarize
  • To that end
  • To the end that
  • To this end
  • Together with
  • Under those circumstances
  • Until now
  • Up against
  • Up to the present time
  • Vis a Vis
  • What’s more
  • While it may be true
  • While this may be true
  • With attention to
  • With the result that
  • With this in mind
  • With this intention
  • With this purpose in mind
  • Without delay
  • Without doubt
  • Without reservation

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